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The most frequent shipping questions asked of Mierce Miniatures are shown to the right and answered below.

If you can't find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.


· how much is shipping? ·
· when do you process my order? ·
· how long will my order take to reach me? ·
· which postal service do you use? ·
· what class of post do you use? ·
· what about international shipping? ·
· and import taxes? ·
· how well will you pack my order? ·
· can i get my order insured? ·
· what if i don't receive my order? ·
· what if my order is damaged? ·
· how many packages will be sent? ·

how much is shipping?

Shipping is totally free, if:

- You're in the UK, and as long as your order totals £100 or more.
- You're anywhere except the UK, and your order totals £200 or more.

If your order does not qualify for free shipping, post charges per package are:

UK - £3.00-£4.00 for second class, increasing by £0.20 for each £5 above £75; £5.00 for first class.
First Class Recorded and Special Delivery are available to UK customers at additional cost.

International - £7.00-£12.00 for first class airmail, increasing by £1.00 for each £10 above £100.
Dependent upon the country you live in, International Tracked & Signed, International Tracked and International Signed are available to customers outside the UK at additional cost.

when do you process my order?

As soon as possible! Orders for webstore items (not Kickstarter items) placed before noon will usually be processed and (stock willing) sent out the same day; orders placed after noon will be processed and sent the day after. Quite obviously, we do not send items on weekends (we would like some time off!), so if you place your order between noon on Friday and before noon on Monday morning, it will be processed on Monday.

However, it is inevitable that - as we are a very small company - there will be some delays under certain circumstances. Always feel free to contact us to ask where your order is!

Of course, if some items are in stock and some items out of stock, we will generally split your order and send the items we have in stock immediately, and order the out of stock items the same day.

Whatever happens, we will keep you informed by e-mail as to what is happening with your order.

how long will my order take to reach me?

It is our experience that items sent within the UK will take 1-3 working days to reach their destinations. Items sent overseas will usually take 1-3 weeks to reach their destinations.

which postal service do you use?

We use Royal Mail for all our postage services; we prefer not to use Parcel Force as this generally costs a little more, and instead split your order into two or more packages to ensure weight restrictions are complied with.

what class of post do you use?

Packages sent to destinations within the United Kingdom are sent second class, unless the package is oversized or overweight, or of course if you request first class, recorded or special delivery.

what about international shipping?

We send international packages by Royal Mail Airmail, which is always First Class.

and import taxes?

If you live outside the UK or the European Union you may be subject to import taxes or customs duty. I'm afraid we are not responsible for any of these charges and we suggest you contact your local customs office to establish what charges, if any, you may be liable for. Please don't ask us to doctor the CN22 Customs Declaration sticker on your package - it's against the law to provide false information!

how well will you pack my order?

Your order will be packed as well as we can possibly do so; most items will be sent in a strong cardboard box specially designed to fit our stock, with books and publications sent in book parcels.

Of course, if the relative postal service wishes to stamp or crush your box, I'm afraid there is very little we can do about it - which is why we recommend you take out at least recorded delivery on your order!

can i get my order insured?

Yes. Please indicate which type of insurance you require on the relevant basket page before you pay for your order - the cost of insured delivery will be added to your total cost.

Due to a price increase by Royal Mail and because they are treated separately from standard airmail, we cannot offer reduced prices for overseas special delivery (International Tracked, International Signed and International Tracked & Signed).

Each type is only available to certain countries.

For more information about countries accepting the Royal Mail services we use, please visit the Royal Mail website.

what if i don't receive my order?

If you don't receive your items within fifteen working days of dispatch notification (or thirty working days if you live outside the United Kingdom) - i.e., the date mentioned on the Items Dispatched e-mail - and you haven't chosen recorded delivery, please let us know and we will organise replacement items immediately. This is totally free of charge but please note we cannot arrange a refund, only replacement items. It is our experience that very few packages actually go missing, however, and usually a quick call to your local post sorting office and/or customs office will magically produce a package that has been waiting for you.

Once you have contacted us regarding lost items and we have sent out replacements, we must ensure any further orders you place with us will be sent using recorded and insured delivery. This will be automatically added to your shopping basket, with a choice of types - but you will have to pay for this extra cost of course.

If you have chosen to use recorded or insured delivery, please contact the Royal Mail through their website and find out what has happened to your item using the tracking number(s) we have given you on the Items Dispatched e-mail.

If you have never ordered from us before and the first package we have sent does not reach you, we will only organise replacements if you purchase trackable delivery.

what if my order is damaged?

Please return the damaged goods to us and we will organise replacement items as soon as we receive them. This will cost you nothing extra and is totally free of charge. We take a dim view of the post office stamping on your box and we'll hassle them rather than you having to!

how many packages will be sent?

That, of course, depends on the size of your order and its total weight. Because of size and weight restrictions placed upon us by the Royal Mail, large orders will be sent in separate boxes, and you will be notified of how many packages will be sent as you place your order. This of course filters through to insured delivery - the larger your order, the more insured delivery will be, because the amount of packages increases.



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