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b'ahl'kch'in, armoured blight beast

beasts of dung-dwell, midden beast unit

the tentacled one, midden beast

the gorged one, midden beast

the skull-faced one, midden beast


stígr, felljötunn kappi


the tentacled one, midden beast


aidan, hand of the uí néill


vörto, great axe troll kappi


maari, reiver witch on foot

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filth, rust and warts, in that order


05-01-18 | 14:52 gmt

It's a bloody new year, so it is, so let's get some new things out to you - in the shape of thirty-two shiny new Mierce Miniatures, for both BaneLegions and Darklands; and a load of new metals for previously only resin miniatures! It's going to be a cracker of a 2018!

Let's start with the Albainn, for anything that could be metal for them is now definitely available in metal - and there's a new Support Starter Host, too, in the long-ranged shape of the Elbharu! The Érainn are next, and as well as three warchiefs they get a Monstrous Infantry Support Host thanks to the release of a new tree-dude, Dairdubh. The Fomoraic get three - two warchiefs and a hairy rhino-man - and the Infernii get two thanks to Great Axe Malacant and his wingless mate, Choloch. The Jutes are never far away these days (and rightly so), because they gain a monstrous warchief - Heldred - and the awesome Gāst Unit. For the Norse we have a yuge load of Trolls, because we've finally finished off the variants of Vörtun and Gjöll so you can grab a unit with two axes or a unit with great axes. There's also the new Felljötunn, a mini-Mjagnir called Stígr. Amazing! Lastly for Darklands there's an awesome sell-sword, Golgog Goat-Eater, who can bring some mercenaries with him into battle with the promise of a few goats to eat! Now, for the BaneLegions, there's five lovely new releases thanks to our Tim Fisher, who has created some fantastic plaguey worm-snake thingies to tickle your rotting bellies with. Bigly!  



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b'ahl'kch'in, armoured blight beast |

beasts of dung-dwell, midden beast unit |

the tentacled one, midden beast |

the gorged one, midden beast |

the skull-faced one, midden beast |

albainn elbharu support starter host |

golgog goat-eater, freebooter oghur captain |

érainn fen beast monstrous infantry starter host |

dairdubh, beast of cabhán wood |

aidan, hand of the uí néill |

crístóir, cruimther of an creagán |

nuala, druí of danu |

hunter kaarstan, reiver tain |

maari, reiver witch on foot |

great axe malacant, servile champion of dis |

choloch, servile warrior of dis |

the hateful of mordain grave, gāst unit |

anlāf, ordgāst |

grændal, gāst warrior |

wadæc, gāst warrior |

heldred, drēaguth thain |

stígr, felljötunn kappi |

trolls of norrheim, two axe troll unit |

vörtun, two axe troll kappi |

gjöll, troll vane-bearer |

torleik, two axe troll warrior |

gurrir, two axe troll warrior |

nisurl, two axe troll warrior |

jöllu, two axe troll warrior |

trolls of gunnheim, great axe troll unit |

vörto, great axe troll kappi |

gjöllund, troll vane-bearer |

unnolg, great axe troll warrior |

gando, great axe troll warrior |

valdr, great axe troll warrior |

jöllund, great axe troll warrior

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men and once-men

01·11·17 | 12:58 gmt

I dunno. You wait around for ages for an update on here, and two come along at once - it's like waiting for a number ten bus into town! So here's another load of releases for Darklands - thirty-four, in fact - with new hosts, new nobles, new infantry...

beaks, tusks, claws and teeth

12·10·17 | 14:27 gmt

It's been a couple of months since the last lot, so we thought we'd better get another lot out there. So here's thirty new releases for both BaneLegions and Darklands, which includes new nobles, new infantry, new monstrous infantry and new monsters -...

a noble, beast and infantry mash-up

19·07·17 | 14:39 gmt

We're keeping up the release frequency with another thirteen of them for Darklands in August - but that's a bit misleading, as there's actually thirty-three different items you can buy from this load, including monsters, infantry units, starter hosts...

brutality abounds

14·06·17 | 17:22 gmt

Hot on the heels of last month's offerings, July's releases sees an all-Darklands festival of superb miniatures large and small to grace your dark age fantasy tabletop wargaming!

So, for the Albainn, we have two units of ranged warriors...

new starter hosts and much more

30·05·17 | 14:37 gmt

As well as a few new releases for both BaneLegions and Darklands, we've got some amazing things for you this time around thanks to the superb new Starter Hosts for just about every kindred of Darklands; they're a brilliant way to get you started play...

refer a friend and earn rewards!

13·04·17 | 15:10 gmt

Here's a new thing for all you Miercenaries out there - we've introduced a Refer a Friend offer, which is a great way to reward you, our valued cus...

new metal army

29·03·17 | 16:23 gmt

Today is an excellent day, for the long-awaited metal Darklands miniatures are now available on our webstore in all their glory! Yes - we don't just produce miniatures in resin! Almost all of our existing commanders and infantry miniatures (an...

bumper update fun

24·03·17 | 11:57 gmt

We have a huge amount of releases for Darklands, BaneLegions and Templar's Forge this month, thirty in fact, and that's not including individual miniatures from units, either! A veritable bumper fun spring special of an update!

The BaneL...

happy new fear

25·01·17 | 12:24 gmt

The first new releases of 2017 are here and they are absolute stunners, even if we do say so ourselves! With twenty-three releases for Darklands and two releases for BaneLegions, you're also spoilt for choice!

The BaneLegions gain two su...



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