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06-03-18 | 12:48 gmt

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We have thirteen more releases for Darklands in this lovely month of March, containing all sorts of things from bare-breasted ladies to giant beasts of the earth to hosts of warty (and probably smelly) Trolls from the cold wastes of Norrland. We spoil you lot!

Let's start with the Érainn, who get themselves a mighty Earth Beast in the shape of Crémharunc. Continuing with the Infernii, we have a completely awesome demon monster called Xet, who you really don't want to miss out on! Then, the Norse gain two Monstrous Infantry Hosts thanks to the release of the two Troll units last week, and the Ysians have a bagload of cool stuff - an Augur-Drune, a Death-Melusine, two new Melusines which are part of four new units and a Support Starter Host with Bow-Drunes and Corruptors and that. Lastly, Sáthach and Danilo Cruz can both now be purchased as a foot and mounted combo! {split}

Again, thanks to us being busier than busy bees we've just not had the time to get the release art and descriptions done; but you can still see some good images of each miniature on the website of course.

Crémharunc, Beast of Geanainn Earth

Wow. Just - wow. Allan Carrasco's sculpting talents are something we all love, and Crémharunc is just one of those monsters we can't get enough of! He's huge - on a 120mm base - and totally mighty, for in Darklands he's bloody impossible to shift! Allan sculpted him from the equally awesome artwork by Sam Lamont.

Xet, Slaughterfiend of Dis

I'm imagining some kind of 70s/80s wrestling tag team when I mention Dan Cockersell and Allan Carrasco in the same sentence, personally (and trying not to think of them covered in oil so they're slipperier than Catweasel), but if you can imagine them in some other kind of combination then feel free to do so.

Anyway, who better to follow Allan's work than the simply amazing Dan Cockersell? He sculpted Xet with a xing and a xang and a bally bravo, so he did, from the artwork by Stefan Kopinski of course. Xet is just amazing. Buy him, or you'll regret it!

Norse Great Axe Troll Monstrous Infantry Starter Host

This month the Norse get two Monstrous Infantry Hosts thanks to the awesome new Troll units (also by Allan Carrasco of course), and the first is the Great Axe version complete with Jörmungand, Trolls of Gunnheim and Stígr, who spoils the symmetry with two hammers. You can't have everything.

Norse Two Axe Troll Monstrous Infantry Starter Host

The second Norse Monstrous Infantry Starter Host features Thórrir and the Trolls of Norrheim, with Mälmord bringing up their rear. The rear. I mean.

Ysian Bow-Drune Support Starter Host

The Ysians - who are amongst the most complete of our kindreds in terms of miniatures available - finally get themselves a Support Starter Host, even though the Bow-Drunes have been out for donkey's years. Led by Bow-Annik and supported by the Corruptors of Kraozon, this host is a cracking way to get you started if you want to hurt your enemies from afar!

Kerazek, Augur-Drune

Sculpted by Stéphane Simon from the artwork by Danny Cruz, Kerazek is an Augur-Drune, a warlord sorcerer of the Ysians and well able to sort out the enemies of Kernunnos with a bit of nasty sorcery!

Sairen Rose, Death-Melusine

The Rose of Ker-Ys is a cracking miniature, of course, but we needed a generic Melusine warchief to lead the unit of Melusines - and so Sairen Rose was born! Converted by Yannick Hennebo from the original miniature by Stéphane Simon, using the artwork of Dan Warren / Stefan Kopinski, Sairen Rose is a brilliant edition to your Ysian host and not just for the boobs.

Swords of Ys, Sword-Melusine Unit

There's been a Swords of Ys unit for a while, of course, but until the alternates of the banner bearer / herald came along we couldn't turn them into units of ten. With Cassa and Sylde now done, now we can!

Sculpted by James van Schaik from the artwork by Christophe Madura originally, the alternates were converted by Yannick Hennebo. You can get them in four strengths of unit - as a unit of five with command, ten with command, five without command and ten without command. Individually, they have varying numbers of Kernsa the champion, Tecass the banner bearer, Esyld the herald and four warriors - Alianne, Ygerna , Cassa and Sylde.

Sáthach, Ríonfénnid on Foot and on Horse

The first of double combo for the Sell-Swords that saves you a few quid from buying them individually - Sáthach on Foot and on Horse!

Danilo Cruz, Beast Slayer of Cantabria on Foot and on Horse

The second of double combo for the Sell-Swords that saves you a few quid from buying them individually - Danilo Cruz on Foot and on Horse!

All of the releases above will be officially released on the 3rd of March 2018. That was last Saturday, folks, so you can order them right now!

Watch out for the April releases, which should be unveiled soon!

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