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battle hosts, ballista, beastman, bloke, bat and... big lizards


30-10-18 | 16:49 gmt

We've more awesome and magical miniatures to bring you this month, not the least of which are the incredible savings you get with each and every new Battle Host, an army in a box complete with Quick Play Guide and order tokens set! As far as individual miniatures go, there's the superb Ballista and crew for the Byzantii; the bloody brilliant Goraakk the Ripper in three flavours - plus Darkstone - for the Fomoraic; the very cool Garric for the Jutes, also in three flavours, with a Cavern Nihtbat; and the long-awaited Firekin, a unit of three fire-gobbing Szalamandra. Miniatures don't get much better!  



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albainn (fortriu) battle host |

anglecynn (mierce) battle host |

brythoniaid (gwynedd) battle host |

byzantii (legio ii var) battle host |

tor i italus, auxilia ballistarius tormentum |

italus, auxilia ballistarius magister |

aigidius, auxilia ballistarius |

elianus, auxilia ballistarius |

verus, auxilia ballistarius |

bal i italus, ballista |

ballista armaments |

érainn (uí néill) battle host |

fomoraic (baalor) battle host |

the cursed rock, darkstone |

fomoraic (cursed herd) battle host |

goraakk the ripper, shieldwall gabrax gore-horn on hoof |

goraakk the ripper, great cleaver gabrax gore-horn on hoof |

goraakk the ripper, two cleaver gabrax gore-horn on hoof |

infernii (dis) battle host |

thrada, cavern nihtbat |

garric, jute fain bearer |

warrior garric, cant thain |

archer garric, cant thain |

helmed garric, jute fain bearer |

jute (wiht) battle host |

khthones (gorgon) battle host |

firekin, szalamandra unit |

ignilak, szalamandra of thrakkia |

sikkak, szalamandra of thrakkia |

kkigni, szalamandra of thrakkia |

norse (skilfing) battle host |

ysian (ker-ys) battle host

Other Recent News

limited edition reaper bānbreca

11·10·18 | 12:03 gmt

Celebrate the coming of Blood-Month with Reaper Bānbreca! Only 50 of him will ever be made and there's just 31 left, so get him before he's gone!

Reaper Bānbreca is a numbered, strictly limited edition version of the Bānbreca miniature. You will receive a boxed set containing



get some crabs, and other things

21·08·18 | 12:02 gmt

It's been a little while since the last few releases, but that's mainly because we've been busier than a busy bee and, er, having a few holidays... well, we do need a break occasionally! This month we've got some absolutely superb and mega miniatures to bring you, for a wide range of kindreds too. The Brythoniaid gain the simply amazing Galon Garreg; the Érainn are joined by some Peat Beasts; the Fomoraic bring some Conand action with five crabs (three large, two really large) to get a hold of,...



pre-order the new bog beasts!

04·07·18 | 11:16 gmt

Reserve the new Bog Beast unit before August the 1st, along with the strictly limited edition Sucking Mórannach! Allan Carrasco is, of course, a master sculptor whose works are admired and loved worldwide. If you didn't know already, Allan has sculpted a number of our miniatures, many of which are our best miniatures! The mighty Crémharunc, for example; or the utterly fant...



get some miercendise!

19·06·18 | 12:22 gmt

Last week we launched a fantastic Kickstarter project - Templar's Forge: Miercendise - designed to bring you some awesome Mierce Miniatures merchandise and Darklands accessories. We're funded as we stand at over £6,000 right now, but there's not much time left to push the project much further as there's only a few hours to go until it finishes! If you purchase the Miercen...



hosts ahoy, me hearties

31·05·18 | 12:15 gmt

We've a ton of hosts to release so we thought we'd get on with it this month with ten of them to be precise - and there's some lovely new miniatures for both Darklands and BaneLegions, too. The Atalantes (Mesokolossos), Brythoniaid (Rhyfelwr and Dynwocor), Byzantii (Dromedus), Érainn (Maiobhanagh), Fomoraic (Reiver Hunter), Jutes (Wihtax) and Ysians (Sword-Melusine, Brute and Abhorrent) all get new hosts and the Brythoniaid also gain a Cocwocor, the Fomoraic gain some Reiver Hunters and the Ban...



they're like buses

25·04·18 | 15:26 gmt

Darklands releases are like buses. You wait ages for one and then two turn up at once! Two weeks later, here's another set of releases for Darklands! This time it's for May, and there's twenty-six individual miniatures to get your grubby little paws on as well as some old miniatures now available in metal. The Albainn get an Oghur, an alternate of the Oghur banner bearer; the Anglecynn gain some archers with the Ceorl Bowmen unit and anything that could be produced in metal now is; the Brythonia...



a menagerie of monstrosities

12·04·18 | 12:07 gmt

The promised releases for April this year are here, a little late thanks to the Easter Holidays and other shenanigans (not the least of which are our preparations for Salute 2018) but they're here anyway! We have seventeen more releases for Darklands and BaneLegions this month, and all are very spiffing.

The Anglecynn gain some cool bears and an awesome wolf; the Byzantii get a camel-man; the Érainn get a murderous great tree; the Fomoraic gain an archer, a goat-man and a rhino-man...



beasts and boobs

06·03·18 | 12:48 gmt

We have thirteen more releases for Darklands in this lovely month of March, containing all sorts of things from bare-breasted ladies to giant beasts of the earth to hosts of warty (and probably smelly) Trolls from the cold wastes of Norrland. We spoil you lot!

Let's start with the Érainn, who get themselves a mighty Earth Beast in the shape of Crémharunc. Continuing with the Infernii, we have a completely awesome demon monster called Xet, who you really don't want to miss out on!...



more filthy fellows and fillies

01·02·18 | 12:53 gmt

Here's the second set of new releases for 2018 and they are very shiny indeed. There's nine releases this time around (although there's actually twenty miniatures within those releases), all for Darklands and all bloody great. Although we would say that.

The Angelcynn gain the release of Æthelglyth, a miniature from yonks ago that has now been resculpted; the Brythoniaid gain Hunter Carys and Gahwn, a giant man-wyvern; the Infernii gain a Great Axe version of the mighty Krull and a...





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