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Ysian Battle Host

Postby ThePandaDirector » Tue Apr 29, 2014 3:32 pm

Since I have yet to make the majority of my Ysian purchases, I thought I'd put this out and see what people think.

First Command

War-Drune - 119
-War-Glaive - 3

10x Ax-Drune - 220
-An-Ax-Drune - 8
-Bann-Ax-Drune - 4
-Kern-Ax-Drune - 4

5x Bow-Drune -70
-An-Bow-Drune - 4

Meat-Hulk - 262

Second command

Battle-Drune - 74
-Hound-Master - 15
-Barbed Whip and Ax - 13

3x Drune-Hound - 45

3x Goad-Drune - 75

Mantichora - 198

Third Command

Death-Brute - 97
-Heavy Armour - 3

5x Brute - 270
-Kill-Brute - 15

Total - 4999 Gold

Thematically, you have the core Drune command (with "heavy support"), the beasty command, and the Brute command. The Ax-Drune unit may be a bit small, but they're more of a support for the brutes and beasts that will form the vanguard.

I was thinking about having one Goad-Drune in each command. Another option is moving the Meat-Hulk to the third command and moving two Goad-Drunes from the second to the third.

Let me know what you think.
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